C. Nichole Thompson, Founder & Co-Owner


Nichole Thompson is no “newbie” to the fashion industry. In 2002, she fled corporate America and took what she thought would be the greatest risk of her career, opening a contemporary boutique in Montgomery, Alabama. E’lon Boutique quickly became known as the local boutique with “New York” appeal, carrying the latest designs from around the world, to include its signature brand featured in Lucky, Cosmopolitan, and Self magazine. In 2005 Nichole sold the brand to expand her family and dedicate her time to pursuing a Master degree. During this time, she remained a buyer and stylist to many local women. Ultimately, she gained a Doctorate degree in Education but she never failed to always have her pulse steady on the fashion industry.

A 2016 trip to Accra, Ghana placed Nichole back at the forefront of fashion.


She found herself deeply in love with African culture, its people, and the fabrics which told their stories

In a fate meeting with a native Nigerian designer, AdaChic Designs was birthed. The two women exchanged fashion philosophies and their desire to expose the world to the beauty of Africa through handbags.


Bold and fearless in their designs, the handbags tell a story of two cultures meeting and embracing each other’s uniqueness as with Nichole & Kemi. The concept for designing and purchasing the fabric is unprecedented. Nichole & Kemi work tirelessly through different time zone, language barriers, with their only form of communication being via web cam. Through the medium of the web, Nichole is able to pick fabrics that Kemi shows her at the local African markets. Nichole is able to review fabrics as Kemi’s eyes are critical in examining quality. Both women credit their faith in God as their foundation to risk working together despite so many obstacles.

The AdaChic Designs speaks to women who value being feminine but make no mistakes, these women are also bold and fearless.




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