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400 Filmworks & Production, Inc.

If we want to transform the Economics of the Black Community, we must first transform the mindset of the Black Woman.

UNPACK is a Four-Part Docuseries that examines the complexities of social and economic justice, systemic racism, and how those factors impact the spending decisions of African American women as it relates to luxury products.  UNPACK follows and showcases the experiences of two women…Black Women, Black Entrepreneurs, Black Community Activists, Black Consumers, and the owners of an African-sourced luxury handbag company based in Atlanta, Georgia.

The “Black Girl Magic” movement has energized and transformed American politics and unleashed the massive voting power of the Black Community. Yet, the economic power and generational wealth of African Americans has not significantly improved, despite a projected spending power of $1.4 trillion.

UNPACK features candid conversations with African American leaders on the front lines of these socioeconomic issues: Black Mayors, Community Activists, College Presidents, Business Leaders, as well as cultural influencers including Artists, Athletes and Consumers, to take a deep dive into the mindset and decision drivers when it comes to luxury products from Gucci and Louis Vuitton, to Mercedes Benz and Bentley. 

“We need more filmmakers of color telling the story. I’d like to see more filmmakers take their products out independently, put together a good commercial film and distribute it online”— Will Packer

The Black Community has been lured by the “American Dream” and with it, the expectation of economic equality, which includes the attainment of certain luxury goods at the expense of sustainable Black Wealth.  And in most households, Black Women control how money is spent-- on clothes, food, housing and recreation.  UNPACK takes a close look at those decisions, and poses the question: Can Black Girl Magic Transform American Wealth and Economics?

UNPACK is scheduled for production in February 2022





 Nichole Thompson, Ed.D.

Meredith Lilly, Esq.